Turn good intentions into great results

Software development is a complex thing. Knowing what to build, knowing how to build it, and knowing where you’re stuck or wasting your time… these are really just the tip of the iceberg, and trouble in any of these areas can waste effort, explode costs, and even sink a project.

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Keeping the Big Picture

A clear backlog is critical, but doesn’t provide the context for the larger project. The story map is where all the details come together into one unified view.

The Story Map is a living document, structured to expose the design intents of your project, and to make visible all the great progress the team is making moving toward your goals.

Easy to Try,
Easier to Keep Using

The last thing you need is to set up a Test Project and learn some new tool. That’s why we made it super easy to work with your existing tool chain. If you’re already a Pivotal Tracker shop, you can point Zenio at your project and start pulling together a story map in less than 5 minutes. Your dev team can use the CLI team, or keep working the way they’re working now.

More Integrations
Coming Soon

If you’re a Jira shop, you’ll have to wait a little longer, but full Jira integration is coming soon, with other integrations to follow.

We also integrate with your source code and CLI tools. GitHub and GitLab support are already here, and more will follow.

Don’t see the integrations you want? Let us know what you’re looking for, so we can prioritize bringing it to you.

I won't ask you again

Because we have a deep model of the project, we know a lot about what is likely to happen next, and can streamline the interactions with each participant. We aren’t going to ask you twice about anything in your project. You didn’t get into software development to do bookkeeping. Let us do that! We’re here to help you with new insights, not to ask you to explain your work.


We ❤️ the Command Line

We love our pretty web interface. We think it’s super easy to use. But if you’re a developer, why would you take up screen real estate with a whole web browser, when you could do everything from the command line?

Go with the flow

We take the hassle out of branch management, too. Start a story, and we’ll create a branch for you. Get your red tests ready, and we’ll do a WIP commit for you. Get your tests green, and we’ll run your tests and commit that WIP too. Then refactor and clean up, and we’ll package up a PR and let your team know not to let it sit there for too long. And once CI is done, we’ll push it to a review environment and make sure the PM and QA team know to look at it. We’ll even manage your time tracking for you, if that’s a thing you need to do.

We're not going
to fight you on this

We also don’t want to get in your way. If you don’t love our workflow sugar, do whatever parts the way you want, or write your own extensions, to get the best of both worlds. If you just love branch management, or keeping track of your own time cards, no worries! We won’t judge.

Red/Green/Refactor Much?

Our CLI lifecycle can encourage great coding practices like TDD, if that’s what you and your team want to do. (We think it’s great, and we do it on everything we do. Skeptical? Try it, and we’ll show you how much things improved.) Our tools are set up to encourage great workflows, but are flexible enough to work the way you work now, and to help you move toward the way you want to work best.


Different Tasks
Need Different Views

Each member of the team has a number of activities they engage in to help move the project forward. The information they need to perform these activities varies significantly. Getting the abstraction right is critical to making it clear what drives a decision. Great abstractions make considerations clear, and lead to easier decision making.


Know where
to focus

There is a lot going on in any software development project. Knowing what to work on next is key to keeping the team operating efficiently. Once all the upstream decisions are made, knowing what the highest priority thing to do right now helps reduce cognitive load, and lets people focus on the task at hand.

Agile, You Say?

How many of us are working in Agile shops? How many of us actually really follow agile practices? Did your company Go Agile? How about we all be agile, instead of going it? Not sure how to follow all the best practices? No problem! We’ll help you and your team along the way. A little nudge here (did you write a test for that?) and a little nudge there (It may be time to refactor!) can go a long way.

Great Insights,
Not a Police State

The software agents see things that feel like bad practices, and they’ll tell you. But they tell you because they love you, not because they want to punish you. They’re not judging you, just telling you patterns they’ve seen, and telling you what those patterns suggest about how things may go. They want you to be the best you you can be, and for your team to grow into a caring, dedicated, focused and productive team.

Good Behavior

Software development teams lose efficiency not because developers are lazy, or because anyone isn’t trying to do the right thing. The problem is that knowing what the right thing to do is, is hard.

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